Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Check out this article on and interview with my sister-in-law Luloo and her husband Evan, first time farmers and doing it stylishly.

Friday, April 17, 2015


This PBS documentary—CHILDREN OF GIANT—is not only moving, it's enlightening. Director Hector Galan uses the sixtieth anniversary of Hollywood descending on the small Texas town of Marfa to film the 1956 Academy Award winning film GIANT to explore historic anti-Mexican and anti-Mexican-American attitudes of the "Anglos" who for generations supported prejudice and animosity as well as segregation of "Anglos" and "Mexicans."

It's a very smart approach to opening a different kind of window on what is often overlooked in discussions of "race" and "class" in "America." A lot of fascinating and important history in this documentary that I suspect might be more palatable to a wider audience because of the glamor of GIANT'S stars and their own subsequent personal tragedies (the first of which was James Dean's death in a car accident while GIANT was being edited).

I'd love to see more projects like this, using other Hollywood classics to explore important social and political issues through the filter of the experience of real people who were a part of the filmmaking, even if only as background. A brilliant way to engage an audience in understanding often forgotten or overlooked or unknown but meaningful historic realities.

If you can call up your PBS channel shows on demand, or if it runs again next week, be sure to catch CHILDREN OF GIANT.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Now that I get what TBT means, this is a flashback to the first time I "starred" in a movie professionally (I'd done some student and underground flicks for free earlier in my life) and was still using only my first and last names like I did (and do) for my writing (the next flick I was billed as one of the stars of, THE NESTING, because it was SAG and there already was a Michael Lally in the Screen Actors Guild I had to add my middle name and from then on was always listed in acting credits as Michael David Lally)...LAST RITES was later retitled DRACULA'S LAST RITES...it's a low low low budget movie and not very good but it was a kick to finally be doing something I dreamed about doing as a kid...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


"There is poetry in everything. That
  is the biggest argument
  against poetry."

—Miroslav Holub (from The Root of the Matter, don't remember the translator)