Monday, September 28, 2020


Now they say it's Sons Day. So here's me with my oldest son, Miles (he had to wear glasses up until about eleven after an early eye operation) c. late 1970s when I was a single parent living in NYC (probably taken by Rain Worthington), and me with my youngest, Flynn, in Jersey around 2003 (taken by Jamie Rose), and me with both of them a few years ago.


I always said Poetry saved my life. Because it did. When I was young and felt like the only outsider in a world of insiders, writing and reading poetry made me feel like there might be people who shared my feelings, even if it was just a love of language's possibilities. Eventually I recognized that lots of works of art, from movies to music, kept me going when overwhelmed by the unfairness of life and the world. Now more than ever I need the creative works that are antidotes to the hurt of these times, or at least a momentary respite. Tonight it was the latest episode of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and the ways it expressed acknowledgment of the pain and evil of racism and projections of redressing the injustices and lack of power to change that through the power of consciousness raising awareness and personal and family magic. Fantasy based on real history and real pain and real human striving.   

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Found out yesterday was another of those made up commemorative days, this one for daughters, so here's me with my daughter Caitlin, my firstborn, in our Iowa City apartment shortly after she was born in February of 1968, and dancing with me over a half century later in 2019 in Maplewood New Jersey [latter photo by Jennifer Lally Fondots].

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


I understand today is "Bi Visibility Day" so here's an early declaration of my so-called "bi-sexuality" (I always objected to the idea of only two kinds of sexual/sensual preference and experience, everyone I was ever with was unique and so was each sexual/sensual occurrences). It's the first lines of my 1974 ten-page autobiographical list poem "My Life" (which can be found in my last collection, Another Way To Play: Poems 1960-2017). [the formatting on this blog wouldn't let me break the lines without big gaps between them]

"I ate everything they put in front of me/read everything they put before my eyes/shook my ass, cried over movie musicals/was a sissy and a thug, a punk and an/intellectual, a cocksucker and a mother/fucker, helped create two new people,/paid taxes, voted and served four years/and a few weeks in the United States Air/Force, was court martialed and tried/civilly, in jail and in college, kicked/out of college, boy scouts, altar boys/and one of the two gangs I belonged to,/I was suspended from grammar and high/schools, arrested at eleven the year I/had my first "real sex" with a woman/and with a boy, I waited nineteen years/to try it again with a male and was sorry/I waited so long, I waited two weeks to/try it again with a woman and was sorry/I waited so long [...]"


They're reporting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the first woman to lie in state at the capital in U.S. history. That history is almost 250 years, and she's the first. And somebody's worried that progressives are going too fast or pushing too hard for too much. No, I don't think so. She should be the fiftieth or hundredth or more.

Monday, September 21, 2020


I don't know if the attribution is valid, since it doesn't say where this prose first appeared, but it still is a good message: