Sunday, January 21, 2007


Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pleased to be alive when a woman and an African-American can make a viable run for the presidency, and a mostly Mexican-American an almost viable run, if it wasn’t for the former two.

It’s pretty impressive when white males, like Senator Bayh, give up their bid for the presidency after only a few weeks, because the competition from a woman, a black man and an Hispanic man is too formidable!

Think what you want of the candidates, there’s no denying this is great progress, and signals the end of a too long era. Now, if only they don’t destroy each other before the primaries are over and coalesce after them to help one of them win the general election.

PS: Richardson, the Hispanic with the WASP name, would make a smart Vice-Presidential candidate on any Democratic ticket. Obama’s too charismatic to play second lead, and Clinton too smart and experienced to. She’s the wild card in all this.

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