Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hope the holidays have been and continue to be as stress free and joyful as humanly possible for all who read this.

And that despite the gloomy realities and projections, the new year is as healthy and peaceful, happy and productive, for all of us, also as humanly possible.

Being human isn't always any of the above, but it sure continues to be extremely interesting and often surprising. At least that's my experience. And I'd hate to miss whatever I don't expect might be coming my way. Hopefully we're all in for some pleasant surprises in 2009 as well as the unavoidable disappointments and tragedies.

I certainly can't think of too many other times in my life when I was so happy to see a year end and a new one begin, and not just because it'll be bye-bye Junior (it's not like his right-wing cronies and supporters and handlers are going to disappear into the sunset).

It's just been a tough year, full of much I'm happy to see behind us now, or soon. Here's to "the infinite possibilities" as my old friend and mentor Hubert Selby Jr. would say.

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