Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Drove back to Jersey from the Berkshires this morning feeling pretty beat up from a serious cold or some kind of bug. Made it back in time to lay down and go in and out of a slightly fevered snooze, without the clarity or strength to write anything.

But here it is several hours later and feeling a tad better so thought I'd drop a line to say, listening to Obama today on the car radio, once again made me feel so grateful that this country made the right choice for a change (and also made the right choice, for a change).

But what a stack of challenges he has with the noisy rightwing opposition behaving like they're the only ones who know what the Constitution is about (poor Obama is only a Harvard educated Constitutional lawyer and professor of Constitutional law, what could he know) and then behaving like their interpretation is: if they lose an election the world is coming to an end, as opposed to when they won the last two and actually contributed greatly to the progress of that goal. But on the main media news shows tonight, the focus was on the new dog in the White House. No more than a few words of the Presiden'ts speech.

Oh, and even on NPR these days I hear newspeople referring to him as "Mister Obama" instead of "President Obama' (the rightwingers started that ploy when Clinton was president, refusing to call him President Clinton, calling him Mister instead, and then when their boy got in all pf a sudden it was "President Bush" etc. and the weak-kneed, slavish media followed and continue to follow that lead.

But I've written enough about that. I just wanted to say thanks to the voters who helped electe President Obama and made me proud of our president again.


Butch in Waukegan said...

Ultimate fan boy? Michael, please acknowledge that there is significant, substantive and important current of criticism of Obama that is not driven by the right wing crazies.


Now is not the time to lose our ability to critically evaluate everything our government does.

JIm said...

Democrat's Selective Outrage!!

Does anyone remember the Democrat’s outrage at the NIS surveillance of Al Qaeda phone communications with supporters in the US? They went nuts. Bush was Nazi etc. Democrats, apparently, have no problem with US citizens being targeted by Homeland Security, the FBI and local police as long as they are anti abortion, pro fiscal responsibility in government, support the 10th amendment that limits the Federal Government’s activities etc.. Of course the worst crazies, according to Pres. Obama’s Homeland Security Dept. are returning military veterans. And this is the political party that is so concerned about preserving and protecting the Constitution. In a pig’s eye!