Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tried to watch a movie I got in the mail all the way through late tonight (actually last night now) and just in the last few scenes it started skipping, returning to the beginning of the flick. Frustrating. So I just spent a half hour trying to get it to work and finally gave up. Another problem unrelated to my brain surgery.

But earlier in the day I drove for only the second time since the surgery, only this time all alone (the first time a friend drove with me just in case). I haven't been listening to the radio when driving with others, too much going on and since the surgery I like it one thing at a time where possible.

But I thought I'd turn the radio on in the parking lot to catch the weather and then I couldn't remember how to work the radio! In a car I've been driving for several years. Could not for the life of me figure it out. I was getting more and more frustrated, feeling almost like I was being tricked, or punked I guess my 12-year-old would say.

I gave it up and tried again when I got back home and was parked there. Same problem until just before giving up I realized there were buttons for the radio on my steering wheel and I tried them and bingo, it worked and I remembered then how I used to control the stations and volume etc. It all came back and suddenly seemed so obvious.

Like so much of my experiences lately.


Anonymous said...

This is what the recovery is about - matching action with thought.

You are almost there...I like that you concentrate on one thing. Then your brain is not being over worked.

It is going to take a few months to reach the level you expect from yourself.

Lally said...

Thanks Suzanne. Mostly I've just been observing the limitations created by the surgery and marveling at how the brain works. Already the petty is returning to my daily life in ways I knew from previous operations it would, the dailiness of life's mundanity etc. But my gratitude and awe at just beling alive remains the same, thank God.