Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I have to admit I was into the Iowa caucuses last night, not only because I've been a political junkie all my life (which kickstarted when as a six-year-old I predicted Truman's win, despite the polling and pundits forecasting a victory for Dewey) but because I lived in Iowa City from 1966 to 1969 and ran for sheriff of Johnson County, Iowa, in 1968 (as a Peace & Freedom party candidate).

When national newscasters and political pundits mentioned "Johnson County" as they always do, and were doing quite a bit last night in the wee hours with all the caucus votes not in for that county til then, I felt like cheering for what was once, no matte how briefly, my home. (I got text messages from a friend who was a part of the Iowa City caucusing as it was happening.)

But it also evokes the sad fact that by supporting an alternative to the Democratic candidate in 1968, I contributed to Nixon's winning the presidency and all the death and destruction that occurred as a result (including of people I knew who died in the Viet Nam war, which went on for another six years but Humphrey's papers later revealed he was prepared to end).

The visceral hatred for Hilary among many Bernie supporters online (and displayed at the Sanders rally last night in response to her "victory" speech) is disheartening as many Bernie supporters continue to declare their intention to not vote for Hilary if she wins the Democratic nomination. And I know there are Hilary supporters, especially among feminists I know, who feel the same in reverse.

This would be an invitation for another rightwing Republican to take over the presidency and build on the destruction to our politics and to our society that began under Nixon, continued through Reagan and the Bushes. I hope the animosity I'm seeing between the two camps in the Democratic primary ends when a winner is chosen, otherwise, we all lose.


AlamedaTom said...

Yes, if the right wing gets the presidency and both houses of Congress, we will enter a sad and frightening, Orwellian era. But another matter that seems to be getting overlooked is that there will be Supreme Court appointments which literally last a lifetime. Get ready for a bunch of Scalia clones topped off with a Samuel Alito here and there.

~ Willy

Lally said...

exactly Willy, probably the most crucial consequence...