Friday, November 11, 2016


On this Veterans Day, here's this veteran's analysis of why OVER SIXTY PERCENT of veterans voted for a man who said our military Prisoners Of War weren't heroes because they got captured, a man who took, instead of rejecting, a combat veteran's purple heart saying that he always wanted one of those as if he didn't know you had to have served in the military to earn one, a man who said he had military experience because he once attended a wealthy kids military high school academy, a man who has demonstrated through words and actions that he has little if any respect for the military tradition of equality (no matter how imperfectly realized) among groups in their ranks whether gender or "race" based, a man who claimed to have donated more money than he actually did, or in some cases didn't at all, to support vets, et-endlessly-cetera...

I believe the ending of the military draft that allowed our armed services to become more mercenaries than citizen soldiers is one contributing factor, but even more so was the influence of the Reagan and Bush years on filling the officer ranks, including noncommissioned officers (i.e. sergeants etc.), with like minded rightwing leaning Christian fundamentalists, as well as the influence of Fox News and rightwing radio, so that younger members of my clan who served were routinely exposed to rightwing ideology and influences, plus the failure of Democrats like Obama and Hilary to hammer home in simple repetitive phrases and ads their track record of doing more for those serving and veterans than any Republican administration or Congress since Eisenhower.

I could go on but that's enough from this veteran.

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