Saturday, April 8, 2017


Many of Elaine Equi's poems in SENTENCES AND RAIN made me laugh out loud. Others made me unconsciously hum approval, as if a song had caught my ear or heart. Her poetry is always smart and often smart alecky, but in a way so inclusive you always feel like you're in on the joke (at least I do, even when I'm not sure I get it!).

This collection in particular should be a delight for anyone who loves unique observations of what the reader, at least this one, never thought of but once revealed seem obvious. Like the poems below which are great examples of all of the above:


A slight implies
if not an insult
(real or imagined)

at least something

a slight cold,
a slight headache.

No one ever says:
"You make me slightly happy."

Although this, in fact,
is often the case.


The sky is melting. Me too.
Who hasn't seen it this way?

Pink between the castlework
of buildings.

Pensive syrup
drizzled over clouds.

It is almost catastrophic how heavenly.

A million poets, at least,
have stood in this very spot,
groceries in hand, wondering:

"Can I witness the Rapture
and still make it home in time for dinner?"

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