Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sweet. The senate has suddenly discovered global warming.

Heck, even some Republicans.

McCain said today there’s no denying it any more.

Even W. mentioned it, sort of, in his State of the Union fakery.

By golly. I guess that son of a gun Gore was right all along.

Who would have thought a guy who actually helped make the internet what it is now, volunteered for Viet Nam even though as the son of a Senator he could have gotten out of it like some other “fortunate ones” did, and ended up winning the presidency and then bowing out gracefully when it was clear his opponents meant to tear the country apart if they didn’t get their way, and who had written a book about global warming and other ecological damage needing to be stopped and when possible reversed, would be the honest one in all this?

And the DUI achieving, momma’s boy Yalie cheerleading wartime no-show national Guard pilot lied about everything from the get go son of a gun who stole two elections would turn out to be full of shit?

I’m shocked. Shocked!

But gee, it sure is sweet to see how on time all these Senators were today, finally noticing that half the scientists working for the government were coerced by oil company lobbyists into changing wording in their reports so as to never use the term “global warming.”

Who knew they’d been doing that for years?

Besides me and any anybody else paying any fucking attention at all.

And the media plays right along with it. OOOhhh, look what’s news today: global warming!

No kidding, schmucks.


Alameda Tom said...

Geez, what an "Inconvenient" post.

~ Tom

Anonymous said...
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