Tuesday, July 3, 2007


That “Scooter” Libby was pardoned by Junior!

That right wing Republicans (I refuse to call them “conservatives,” because they are no more “conservative” in the true meaning of the word, let alone the political meaning of it, than Bill Clinton is, though, come to think of it, he certainly achieved more so-called conservative political goals than any Republican has, i.e. made the federal government smaller, balanced the budget, reduced the welfare rolls as well as teenage pregnancy, reduced crime—hmmm, he achieved almost all the goals Reagan set out for himself but in fact did the opposite in his eight years in office—as well as prevented any 9/11 from happening on his watch, etc.) seem gleeful that Libby was pardoned and were incensed by his sentence in the first place, for perjury, i.e. lying to a Federal Prosecutor and Grand Jury!

That the same right wing Republicans were adamant that Bill Clinton should have been found guilty and not only prosecuted but impeached and thrown out of his presidency for doing exactly the same thing. Oh, but of course, Clinton was lying about a private sexual affair with a consenting adult, Libby was lying about outing a CIA spy and therefore endangering national security as well as the lives of other spies and their contacts, thus, once again, the right-wingers who would like to be identified as “conservatives” prove themselves not conservative when it comes to the protection of the constitution, let alone the country, just when it comes to sex!

And that OCEAN’S THIRTEEN is a let down, after the original, then the first remake, and then the sequel to the remake—despite the same outstanding cast, (with the absence of Juila Roberts and Katherine Zeta Jones being made up for by the presence of Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino playing more or less themselves) which includes the usual charm of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, who were all given an incredibly badly written, as well as barely humorous, script to work with, probably written by hundreds, or rewritten I should say by hundreds of un-credited writers (I have done un-credited rewriting on scripts so I know how that works, though my rewrites were always vast improvements over the originals! And I’d be shocked if they weren’t!)!


The Kid said...

Great blog by Paul Begala on Libby's pardon.
But how did that lead you to your thoughts on Ocean's 13? Oh, I get it - George W. is a bad sequel!
; )

Kate Anne said...

I hope more people take your lead and blog about the absurdity of the Bush commutation. ARGH!!! Yeah, Clinton only perjured himself with a lie about sex. (Not to condone him, but the Bush Crime Family has far outflanked the Clintons' missteps.)

That said, we must breathe, relax, let go -- and move to action. (I've called my congressmember to impeach the Son of a Bush and/or Cheney -- Support Dennis Kucinich's H. Res. 333 to impeach Cheney.) Peace hugs to you and yours.