Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Just to riff on the administration’s latest scare tactics to distract—unfortunately too many—people from this administration’s many failures and failings and fuck ups and scandals, I will personally guarantee your protection, from all terrorist attacks on your home, IF, and only IF, you READ MY BLOG.

And for those who have been reading it, I hope you’ve noticed that YOU HAVEN’T BEEN personally attacked by terrorists in your home yet! You better keep reading!


Anonymous said...

Lal--Thanks. I feel better already. B.B.

Another Lally said...

You're becoming a modern day Jean-Louis David.

Just as he, I'm sure you believe your rantings.

Do you really think that the lack of terrorists attacks here are merely the lack of desire of terrorists to launch one?

It is no secret that the Demoncrats have sold out the nation to the UAE. The press informs the America haters while the Demoncrats seek to give them even military planning.

Saddest yet, it is your ilk who also hate this country as a disguise for your self-hatred and unfounded guilt.

Even with a majority in Congress , your Demoncrat heroes are incapable of leadership or action.