Saturday, October 27, 2007


What this blog is about, usually, one way or the other. In my life it's proven to be one of the most potent antidotes for insanity. Not the expectations of fame it used to inspire in me, or even the simple satisfaction of one reader or viewer or listener who "gets it"—though that is a sweet satisfaction and makes it all worth it—but the process itself, and as a bonus: the way it often clarifies my feelings and thoughts in ways no other activity usually can.

As a great example of this, check out my old friend Paul Haryn's post today on his artist's blog.


T said...

Your generosity towards creativity is one of the things making your blog a wonderful read.
Unlike most "critiques" yours are personal and inspiring. Even in the rare case when you chose to write about something you may not dig, although I can't quite remember many such instances. Other than some pointed polltical comments here and there. In which you clearly stand on the creative and free spirited side of the fence. Thanks Michael. You're inspiring. t.

Anonymous said...

Lal--Thanks for the tip on Paul Harryn. The pieces posted on his blogsite are mostly colorful and lively and fun to look at,even on the reduced scale of the computer monitor. The guy has some chops, eh?
Bob Berner