Sunday, November 4, 2007


Cool. The neo-cons who shaped the invasion of Iraq and the policy of “preemptive strike” and the justification of “spreading democracy” can now chalk up another score for the big “D” in Pakistan, where Musharif has declared emergency marshal law and suspended the constitution as he rounds up any opposition to his regime and blacks out independent TV.

Hmmm… Let’s see, does the world have more democracy (or “freedom” for that matter) since they started running the show or less? Can you guess?

And yet, McCain and Rudy and other Republicans (except for Rue Paul, I mean Ron, or what’s his name again?) have top neo-cons among their top advisors, so should any of them win in 2008, we can see more wars (if we don’t attack Iran before then, we certainly will if Rudy gets elected) for spreading “democracy”—and I will take bets from anyone on whether any Republican administration ends up with more democracies in the world they inherit (more or less as kingpins of the dominant power in the world, more or less) than when they took over.

We already know that score for the Bush Jr. administration. It pretty much matches their score for everything else—largest surplus in the history of the country turned into the largest deficit in the history of the country, etfuckingcetera.

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harryn said...

'spreading' something for sure - the image is our own conclusion - but it feels like a plague to me. how is this history going to read ? how can anyone with any objectivity deny the legacies of 'our' leadership over the past 7 years? i avoided the debate on thursday figuring it was going to be a platform for division rather than unity but saw a moment when Kucenich(sp) called for bush jr.'s impeachment - could that be treason under the patriot act?
either i'm really stupid or there's a piece of the puzzle that hasn't been revealed - and in spite of all the disclosures that have been made public, its business as usual in D.C.. any 'right wing conspiracy' would have been 'outed by now - unless we as a society have become so blatantly ignorant of distant facts to allow them. if democracy is what we're talking about, we're losing it through compacency or ineffective complaint/rebellion. the situation is revolting, and unless we're missing some 'big picture' the system is broken. Seems to me that the last vestige of hope is within the democratic party if they can quell their hilltop rhetoric long enough to do the 'right' thing.
I am still perplexed by the missing 'puzzle' piece. Could it be that Putin's posturing against the west and china's fast-tracking is the beginning of new hemispherical alliances for power and control we're not hearing about?
just a few more thoughts: got a postcard in the mail a few years ago that asked: 'if given the choice between choosing the lesser of two evils, which would i choose?' + julian schnabel's plated canvases being a metaphor to inaccessibility - the impossibility of drawing a straight line.