Thursday, December 13, 2007


It’s THE LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE of this year. And Emily Page is the acting find, as Abigail Breslin, the little girl actress in MISS SUNSHINE, was (as her male counterpart in the film, Micahel Cera is to Jon Heder, of NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE cult status).

Is it a little preciously “independent?” Sure. Over the top cleverly teenaged “now?” Yep. Probably pretty implausible when it comes to the realities it’s dealing with? Absolutely.

But so effin’ charming (notice I’m trying to reduce my foul language quotient, but it does sound fake doesn’t it? Always did to me when it came from me, anyway) it’s irresistible.

The screenwriter, who renamed herself Diablo Cody (which is over-the-top clever enough, but it works, as in I didn’t have to look up her name once I first read about her, how true would that be for most screenwriters, clever girl) is the new sensation in Hollywood, which is good, and will probably last longer given these more women-in-positions-of-power days as opposed to when Callie Khouri (had to look it up) faced the same sensational response after THELMA & LOUISE but was barely heard from (at least in the media) again.

An Oscar screenwriting nomination is almost guaranteed, as is an acting one for Emily Page, who carries the movie on her shoulders, or rather the strength of her quirky character’s edgy sweetness and smile. Some stars are born.


Jesse Wilson said...

Nice review! I want to see Juno soon. I hear it is great. I saw a preview for it when I watched No Country for Old Men, which I thought was awesome!

I hear you about the plot twists on No Country For Old Men. My buddy and I were discussed a few when we left the theater as well. I loved Javier Bardem in the movie and the cinemaphotography as well.

I am looking forward to seeing I am Legend. That is our newest release (Warner Bros). I am curious about the story (man living alone in NYC) and the effects look cool too.

Also, great show on Saturday. It was so nice to catch up with you as well. I loved your stories!

And I like the swearing better too. You don't sound good when you try to clean it up...

Lally said...

Jesse, it was terrific seeing you and catching up as well. As for NO COUNTRY, the best way I could sum up my reaction is, it's starts out being a great movie and ends up not being. And as for Javier Bardem, this may only be me, but as an actor, the kind of thing he does in the film I find not just easy, but facile. To me it came across cartoony, i.e. unbelievable, while Tommy Lee and Josh Brolin and the others, especially the smaller roles, were played so realistically and incredibly well, I was disappointed for them, doing such great work while this cartoony character and the plot that drove his unrealistic actions (as my son Miles pointed out, he was like the Terminator in his unstoppability and unreal possibilities, like there happens to be no one in the motel or the hotel who might notice a giant wandering around with a air pressure tank cattle stun gun, etc.?