Sunday, June 15, 2008


Caught the documentary on Polanski, his life and travails, from the loss of his parents in WWII Poland to the Nazis, to the loss of his wife and the mother of his son-to-be to the Manson family insanity, to the injustices of the legal system due to a publicity hound judge intimidated and manipulated by the media etc. in the case that led to his exile.

Extraordinary piece of film making that raises all kinds of interesting questions about life, art, justice, freedom, truth, history, perspective, etc. Worth seeing if you get HBO.

The Ringo Starr interview was by Dave Stewart, and not only worth it for the honesty and clearheaded perspective of Starr on his life as a Beatle and as a musician in that context and beyond, including explanations about his drumming and the making of the various albums and songs and the break up etc. but also the song Stewart got him to write and collaborate musically on that they end with, which is the most personal song, no, all his songs turn out to have been pretty personal, but the most clearly about his life. Worth watching and hearing.

As John Lennon said in his famous post-Beatles ROLLING STONE magazine interview, where he dissed Paul and even George a little, but had nothing but good things to say about Ringo, he said Ringo would have been a star whether or not he had ever joined the Beatles.

This interview shows why, I think. Always loved that guy. Also, lots of great Beatles clips.

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