Monday, November 24, 2008


I wrote about this last holiday and maybe will figure out how to link to that sometime later today, but in the meantime, all the rightwing posturing over some perceived slight on "Christmas" is answered pretty well I think in this post from a blog by a military chaplain in Iraq, Father Tim, the cousin of my old friend Mike Graham. Check it out, and then check out his blog, it's a pretty original perspective on our involvement there.


JIm said...

Smart Post by the good father. It seems to me Pilgrims did not make a big deal about Christmas. If I remember correctly, Christmas was outlawed and or discourage, for a time, because of the rowdiness in Elizabethan London and in Cromwellian times. Banning seems a bit extreme.

Caitlin said...

Wow, that's an interesting blog! Excellent Christmas commentary too. peace

JIm said...


I saw this on Fr. Tim's blog. I hate that some people sign as "Anonymous". It is so cowardly. A pen name is little more honest. At least the reader can recognise repetitive stupidity. I suspect the good father's politics is a lot closer to most of the folks on this blog. The differnce is, it is done without shrillness and hate. Hopefully this "Anoymous" jerk did not come from this site.

" Anonymous said...
Leftist hippie and a priest? It sounds to me like you are an

27/11/08 23:21