Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here's a couple of shots from that benefit I was part of last Sunday evening, all taken by Flash Rosenberg, whose outfit befitted her name and whose photographs I am grateful for.

This first is me mid reading for some reason turning toward those on the stage behind me, which aren't all visible unfortunately, nor do I know everyone's names, but to my far right (left in the photo) you can hopefully make out poet Anne Waldman, actor/poet Michael O'Keefe, poet/artist Rene Ricard, Actress Claire Danes (I'm blocking a view of Patricia Clarkson) with Sapphire at the front of the table to my left (far right in the photo) and in the dark somewhere behind her Amber Tamblyn.

This is artist Kiki Smith, book artist Ruth Lingen and me in Bob Holman's apartment after the reading.

[You can click on the photos to enlarge them and see those on the stage in the top photo much clearer, as well as the titles on Bob's obviously alphabetized bookshelves behind us three in the bottom one.]


tom said...

good to see you enjoying yourself

Jamie Rose said...

Cool shots of you. Thanks for posting them.

Lally said...

Thanks guys. Did you click to enlarge them? The quality of the image when enlarged is incredible, the smallest detail seems extremely sharp. People lost in shadows or too small to decipher in the pic as is suddenly are clear, you can see their expressions, ala Waldman, O'Keefe, Ricard, etc. Pretty cool.