Friday, April 23, 2010


If you haven't seen this response to Faux News's latest response to John Stewart's previous funny and accurately called out hypocrisy of Faux and its unfair and unbalanced approach in pushing their rightwing agenda, you have to watch it to the end. Pretty funny.

{And a PS to yesterday's list post: One of the things I notice, and others might have too at least in person, is that I seem to have less tact than before the brain surgery. I would never make a list of my favorite anything if it involved friends. I'd be afraid I'd leave someone out and hurt their feelings. But I have less of a filter now. So whereas in the past I'd make a list in my head (an alphabet one usually because they're easiest to remember) and the criteria would be favorite books of poetry with two-word titles or something like that, and thus I'd have less of a chance of hurting someone for leaving them out since how many two-word book titles could one person have etc. But now I had to make that list with the help of my bookshelves and the computer, and even though I knew I'd leave people out, perhaps even people I am in contact with regularly and my brain is just not remembering that I love one of their books etc., my brain doesn't seem to care since it knows it's more limited now and hopes others will understand but if they don't, it doesn't seem to matter as much as it did pre-op. Interesting.]

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Anonymous said...

Stewart is amazing & brilliant. I try never to miss his show. I'm a little dismayed that Conan will now be in direct competition with him, which I hope doesn't cost him any market share.