Friday, April 16, 2010


It's partly the fault of Obama and his team and the Dems in general for not getting the message out more clearly and concisely and repeatedly.

But that whole Tea Party thing yesterday in DC seemingly all about taxes being too high. I don't know anybody who loves taxes. Although I also don't know anybody who doesn't love a lot of what tax dollars do for most of us (thank God for Medicare and the Democrats who made it a reality or I'd be on the street now and owing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for the interstate highway system that's taken me back and forth across this country many times and on shorter trips probably at least once a week since it was first established under a Republican president, Ike, and most of the other stuff my taxes go to paying for).

But where were these people when Bush cut taxes for only the wealthy top few percent of the population and the rest of us paid HIGHER TAXES THAN WE DO NOW!?!

These people don't seem to know (as they don't seem to know that Obama wasn't born in Kenya and isn't a socialist etc.) that their taxes ARE LOWER under Obama. In fact they are lower now for working people than they've been in over fifty years.

But then these people don't know either that the bank bailout was mostly from money Bush Junior and his administration took from taxpayers and gave to the banks. Obama's stimulus package has not only saved the economy and created jobs and is actually working but it also has been touted way too subtly if at all.

The Dems just don't seem to have any idea how to just say every time the rightwingers attack them, WE CUT TAXES! WE SAVED THE ECONOMY! WE'VE CREATED JOBS! THE ONLY ACTIVIST JUDGES SINCE REAGAN HAVE BEEN RIGHTWINGERS! (What could be more activist than overturning a century of precedent to say that corporations are humans and have the same rights, where does it say that in the Consitution Mister Scalia, you who supposedly only believes in interpreting the law according to The Constitution?!! etc.

I shouldn't have decided to write this so late because my brain's too tired to express this as clearly as it was up there earlier today when I was too busy to stop and write this post. But ever since the brain surgery every time I see and hear these rightwingers, including those who may not truly be rightwing but have been somehow suckered into the idea that the Tea Party is some kind of representation of their independence when there's a ton of factual clear evidence, like footage and memos and etc., showing that it was planned and executed by rightwing Republicans and the Fox network—hello?—all I can think of is how bleepin'...


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Zuckster said...

It is ridiculous, sad, scary and disheartening how many people blindly, ignorantly form opinions and positions that are based solely on hearsay, laziness (lack of an iota of research) and, dare I say, hatred? Every one of us, like you, has to on a case by case basis powerfully refute this mindlessness, this soul-lessness, this intolerable idiocy. It's worse than pet rocks or yellow rubber bracelets, or the hypocrits who emblazon their cars with American Flags and then toss litter out the windows of their cars. There's no room for this in my world, in my America.