Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The weekly poetry series I started and ran with Eve Brandstein in L.A. from 1988 to I think '96 where ten to twelve people read no more than five minutes (with the aim of keeping it under ten, i.e. this video) of their poetry each week and included all kinds of poets from the ones who taught for a living to the ones who acted in movies or played in bands for a living. This was a poem I'd written years before and people had already written parodies of by the time I read it in this video Eve has posted on YouTube with other videos of others reading in that series under the name of the readings: Poetry In Motion.  As you watch this just remember I was reading to a nightclub (Cafe Largo) filled with mostly people in the movie and TV and music business, so this was directed pretty much right at them, as well as myself. (My initial remarks refer to Hubert "Cubby" Selby who had just read, which he did every week for all the years we did this, unless he was out of town.)

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