Saturday, March 16, 2013


[me & John Carradine on the set of THE NESTING in 1979, the second movie I starred in and the first one I was a member of SAG for and had to add my middle name David because there was already a "Michael Lally" in the union. Carradine was warm and even complimentary to me, despite the fact that I still really didn't know what I was doing]
[Mary Beth Hurt caught reading my book HOLLYWOOD MAGIC probably not that long after it came out in 1982]

[PS: I don't know where the photo of Mary Beth with my book was taken or by whom or even how it came into my possession, but I'm grateful for it.]

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AlamedaTom said...

Excerpt from Lal interview, LOS ANGELES POETRY, MARCH 17, 2011:

"But I was also hired to “doctor” or help out on already written and sometimes already shot movies, or almost finished ones. Like PUMP UP THE VOLUME. I had a poem called THE HEALING POEM come out in the ‘80s that was published in Venice magazine and then republished in I think The Hollywood Reporter and elsewhere. It got a lot of attention and the director of PUMP UP THE VOLUME asked if he could use lines from it in the climactic speech Christian Slater’s character makes toward the end of the movie.

I also wrote some of the narration for DRUGSTORE COWBOY after it was already filmed. One of the lines I wrote that Matt Dillon said on the soundtrack was quoted in several big reviews, which made me feel good, though they attributed it either to Dillon or the director and co-writer Gus Van Sant. I got that gig after Gus heard me read my poetry at “Poetry In Motion” one night."