Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Finally caught THE SESSIONS tonight on cable TV. I missed it last year but now understand why there were so many nominations and accolades for Helent Hunt and John Hawke, the stars of the flick playing the polio afflicted real life poet Mark O'Brian and his sex surrogate. Incredibly brave performances by Hunt and Hawke both, though her especially.

The entire cast was excellent, including William H. Macy and Moon Bloodgood. Which obviously reflects the excellent direction by Ben Lewin. I'm happy Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar, but if Hunt had won it, and I had seen this flick at the time, I would have been happy with that result as well. If you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth it.


AlamedaTom said...

Eileen and I saw this via blu-ray a couple of months ago. We had shied away from it thinking it was going to be a real downer. Well, we were definitely wrong about that. As you say, the performances by Hunt and Hawkes are very brave, but more importantly they are uplifting, and in no way a downer. Also, you failed to mention the constant humor running through the film. A lot of it was downright hilarious.

~ Willy

Lally said...

You are correct. Hawkes' character's sense of humor was brilliant, and Bloodgood's character's scenes with the motel guy were hysterical.