Saturday, April 5, 2014


Peter just hit 60 today, and I welcome him to a decade I'm done with and dug a lot of. I have fond memories of when we shared a house in Santa Monica with my piano in it, and one of the highlights of my life was jamming together.

You may remember him as the lead man in The Nerves and then The Plimsouls. But I remember him and know him still as the solo songwriter/singer/guitar playing genius of the meaningful performance.

Here's him with The nerves singing the lead on a song Blondie later made famous:

And here singing lead with the Plimsouls on one of their hits:

Lastly, here's a recent example of his talent, pay attention to the guitar solo about halfway through and the improvisational riffs on the theme toward the end. Peter, may you have 60 more good years, and may I be there for as many of them as the fates allow brother.

Ah hell, I can't resist. One more, his closing song at the same McCabe's live gig, a real treat:

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tpw said...

Very cool. He's great. I know "Hidden Love" from the version by Four Men & A Dog, but didn't know Mr. Case wrote it.