Friday, April 4, 2014


There was a great news bit on VICE tonight about the Kurd region of Syria. Which made me think, how come the same kind of at least non-Arab world opinion and support that the creation and defense of Israel as a Jewish state hasn't occurred for the Kurds.

Here's a stateless people who, unlike many of those who settled modern Israel, were not dispersed into a worldwide diaspora but rather have lived in their "homeland" as part of Turkey, Iraq and Syria etc. since those countries were created and the the Kurds were portioned out to them.

I've always admired the Kurds for their seemingly natural nobility (and beauty), but even more so for their more modern (than fundamentalist Islamists at least) conceptions of gender equality (VICE even showed young women fighters looking like "American" college girls with weapons) and democratic government. Isn't it time they had some support from those who purport to be for those things.

Especially in their part of Syria that is now under attack not only from Assad but from the fundamentalist Islamists who don't dig those things. Free Kurdistan!

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