Wednesday, September 24, 2014


From my "Hollywood" years, here's shots that include Katy Sagal, to whom I send congrats for getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard recently, and Michael O'Keefe, also congrats for recently being added to the new HOMELAND cast, and an extra shot of the star of HOMELAND, Claire Danes, while we're at it:
That's me up top actually kissing Katy Sagal and beneath it my making fun of "Hollywood" kisses with Katy c. 1990
In the back that's Joel Lipman and me, up front it's Michael Harris, Hubert Selby Jr., Eve Brandstein and Michael O'Keefe c. late 1980s
That's Claire Danes and unidentified others watching as I read a poem at The Bowery Poetry Club c. 2007 I think

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