Saturday, May 30, 2015


Lots of old and new friends at the book publication party tonight (technically last night now) for Hanging Loose Press's new titles, including my Swing Theory. Too many people to name or remember. And as much as I enjoyed the evening and am grateful for it, I was also overwhelmed and worn out by it, a sign of age and a continuing result of my brain op.

But a few names I can call up who were among those it was a delight to see and catch up with include Eve Brandstein, John Restivo, Tim Lyons, artists Don and Teresa McClaughlin, and Donna Dennis, whose cover for Ed Friedman's book Two Towns is beautiful, poets Charles North (and artist Paula North, fighting a cold so we didn't get a chance to talk much), Tony Towle, Bill Zavatsky, Steve Levine, Theresa Burns, Paul Abruzzo, Tom Devaney, Joanna Furhman, et. al.

And poet/publishers Bob Hershon, Mark Pawlack, Donna Brook and Dick Lourie, (who edited Swing Theory and made it a much better book than we started with, and I forgot to acknowledge him as I meant to in the book, as well as cover artist Susan Campbell) (as I also meant to dedicate the book to Terence Winch who helped with a first edit and has always been my greatest supporter)...

Good books, good conversation, good friends, good times...who could ask for more?

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