Thursday, May 7, 2015


Gerard was one of the sons of one of my cousins. I remember him as a boy and as a man I didn't know as well as I might have, had I been around more when he and his brothers and cousins were growing up, but knew well enough to understand why people remember him as a "kind" and "loving" and "loyal" and good man.

The photo above shows him with some of his cousins on his mother's side (the Lally clan) who were able to make it to a 2011 reunion down the Jersey shore in Belmar (there were more than twice as many who couldn't make it).

He's to the right on the second step looking to his right, where at the end of that step sits my daughter, Caitlin, with her hand on the shoulder of my youngest, Flynn, then thirteen.

Death can be a terrible blow, especially for those closest to the deceased who are left behind. No matter when it occurs, but significantly more terrible when it feels like a life has been cut short.

Gerard is and will continue to be missed deeply by his family and friends, but just as deep is the gratitude they have and will continue to have for having had him in their lives as long as they did.

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tpw said...

Dear M: Sorry to hear of this loss.