Friday, July 10, 2015


my father, Mr & Mrs. Farrell and my mother c. 1940
Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald 1940s
Frank Sintra and Ava Gardner 1950s
Marlon Brando and Katy Jurado 1950s
My late brother James "Buddy" Lally and late sister-in-law Catherine Audia Lally smiling (on the right) 1950s
my sister Irene and brother "Buddy" South Orange NJ c. 1966
my first wife Lee in an apartment my then patron (who expected me to write "the great American novel") put us up in briefly (she didn't like the experimental novel I ended up producing) in Brooklyn Heights 1966
Canadian poet Wayne Clifford and his wife Julie in our apartment in Iowa City c.1967
?, Diane Ward, Terence Winch, Susan Campbell standing, Phyllis Rosenzwieg, Bernard Welt, Doug Lang and ? Washington DC c.1980?
Hubert Selby Jr. Los Angeles 1980s?
my son Miles and daughter Caitlin Great Barrington Mass c. 2002
my late brother Robert Lally, sister-in-law Marie "Sis" Lally and late brother-in-law Joe Gloshinksi at my niece Beth's wedding in NJ c. 2005? (both men ex-cops)
a lot of cousins (including Bob, Marylynn, Tracee, Cathy, Rod, Kathi, Jack, et. al.) at a clan reunion in Belmar NJ c. 2010?
my granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter Caitlin and late sister-in-law Catherine at the same family reunion in Belmar NJ c. 2010?
Declan, Lily and Michi Keefe, Yael, Louie and Ty Claesson in Great Barrington (at my 70th birthday party) 2012
Lupita Nyong'o and Alfre Woodard Hollywood CA c. 2014


tpw said...

Great photos, comme d'habitude. In that one from my old apartment, it's Tad Wanveer (sculptor; involved with Diane Ward for many years) on the left end and painter Becky Levenson (then Doug's girlfriend)on the other end.

Lally said...

thanks for clearing that up Terence