Saturday, August 1, 2015


I know there's a lot of reasons a lot of people have for not liking Woody Allen, but as I've probably said on this blog before, I've never seen a movie of his I didn't get something out of, and sometimes I got a lot.  His latest, IRRATIONAL MAN, isn't his best by far, but it still was a satisfying movie experience for me.

Set on a college campus it deals with a lot of the stock characters movies in that setting usually present, but as always, Allen has his own take that makes the setting seem newly analyzed through both the humorous and the tragic scenes.

The acting, as always in any Allen film, is a treat to watch, with Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and the always uniquely compelling Parker Posey leading the way. If you hate Woody skip it, but if you appreciate his mastery with set ups and writing and casting, you might find it a worthwhile diversion. I did.

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