Friday, March 11, 2016


"Perhaps the Chicago uproar is a turning point. Not that Trump would not get the nomination - surely, the StormTrumpers will be even more enraged. But there will be a broader recognition that the US is facing a fascistic strongman mentality embodied in a grotesque cartoon of a candidate. Trump knows what he's doing. He scheduled the rally in a place that was meant to provoke people (the very diverse campus of U of Illinois Chicago); he knew there would be some kind of outburst, talk of protests was in the air for days. He also knew that Kasich was holding a town hall covered by CNN at the same time - and nothing preempts a staid town hall like a near-riot, so that coverage of a competitor kaput. I'm only half joking about StormTrumpers, but now his assault on the country has reached a new stage. The one good thing is that CNN, MSNBC and other network commentators are actually pointing out that what he is doing is calculated provocations; more are talking of his strongman machinations, and all the rest. I can only pray that the people of the US beat back this schmuck and elect the Democratic candidate, no matter who it is, for the sake of the country and the entire world."  —Hilton Obenziger

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Anonymous said...

Lal--When you see a redneck Trump supporter blindside a black protestor, do you not see 30s newsreels from Munich?
Bob B.