Tuesday, March 15, 2016


My guess is that Tina Fey wrote or improvised some of her scenes in WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, but she isn't one of the writers credited. Which makes this a movie she stars in that yes has a lot of comic bits but is actually about a serious subject: war reporters vying for the most sensational story to get their corporate bosses to keep paying for them to stay in the game.

And yes they do treat it like a game despite or because of the danger involved. Fey does a great job, as does everyone in the cast. But I couldn't help fantasizing about other actors making this more of a George Clooney style dip into serious subjects with a touch of humor. He seems to get the serious stuff a little better for my taste. But it is great to see what is basically a war movie, or at least a movie that takes place in a war zone, with a female star.

You go Tina.

[PS: And it does have some seriously funny scenes.]

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