Saturday, October 8, 2016


Much needed break from politics and world disorder tonight at a local performance space that featured Monkeyworks, a jazz or maybe better description jazzy ensemble of electric and acoustic instrumentalists creating musical heaven and havoc seamlessly. Nothing like major creative chops whatever your choice of instrument or art coming together to infuse an evening with the highest life force humans can produce (in my humble opinion) to remind you (meaning me) of what's most important.

They were joined by vocalists (and guitar playing) Sarah LeMieux (talk about an angelically edgy voice, or edgily angelic voice) and Chris Koch (equally impressive and satisfying jazz/rock vocalist)...and in back of them all a screen projecting musical artist (and my good friend) Jim Coleman's manipulated film clips hypnotically matching the rhythms and power of the live music, improvising with computer and electronic control boards...mesmerizing to say the least.

What a fulfilling evening of creative genius. May we have many more.

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