Wednesday, December 28, 2016


What a tragedy. A mother with a broken heart. Thanks again 2016 or whatever weasel has any say in these kinds of fates. At least she, and Carrie, are at peace, but the sadness they left behind, especially for Carrie's daughter, Debbie's granddaughter.

The first time I met Debbie Reynolds I told her how I had a crush on her, as a teenager in 1957, when her movie TAMMY came out. She gave me that squinty-yet-sparkly-eyed smile and said "That's nice dear." I felt dismissed from class by the teacher.

Whenever I ran into her at Carrie's house and Carrie would say "You remember Michael," Debbie would do that same smile in my general direction and say: "Of course, how are you dear," but I was pretty sure she had no idea who I was.

And why should she after a lifetime of co-stars and crews and casting directors and agents and audiences and fans and friends and ex-es and more. I was just happy to have been in her presence. And grateful. And now deeply saddened for her and Carrie's loved ones.

Thank God she and Carrie both will live on in their movies and books and the hearts of all those they touched with their talents.


JenW said...

Exactly Michael. Thank you for your heartfelt tributes. I was deeply saddened by the news but not surprised. I've seen Billie Lourd interviewed and in that comedy series. She is witty & beautiful just like her mother & grandma. Very painful loss & timing. Life is not easy & as you said 2016 has been brutal. Thank God for angels ...Billie's got an angel on each shoulder now. Two feisty ones at that.

Lally said...

amen Jen