Monday, December 5, 2016


Some of you might have noticed, or not, that Casey Affleck is getting a lot of attention for MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, a film I've yet to see but intend to. I've been loving Casey's acting since the first thing I saw him in. I have no doubt he deserves some of the buzz he's getting for this. Lots of media outlets are talking about him winning an Oscar for it.

Other actors have gotten some press as well for possible Oscars this year. But I haven't seen anything much about the FOUR ACTORS who star in MOONLIGHT, so far for me the absolutely best movie of the year, and for which I think all four—Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes—should be nominated, and Trevante Rhodes should win.

The fact that Rhodes and the others (including Naomie Harris as the mother) aren't all over the media as the best actors in a movie this year is, for my taste, not just another indication of the ways who-you-know and what-corporate-entity-is-backing you counts in the world of entertaiment, but of the inherent racism in the ways the media presents that world.

[PS yes, I stand corrected, it is true Moonlight has won some critics awards, but not for best actor which is what my post is about, the seemingly preordained oscar for casey affleck, and no mention of Moonlight actors for best leading man in any of the stories on the Oscars I've read so far...]

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