Thursday, July 27, 2017


me & Beverly D'Angelo at a party in my first home (rented) in Santa Monica c. 1982
Bob Chartoff & me c. 1984?
me & Hart Bochner at the Santa Monica "Farmer's Market" c. 1984
Joan Baribeault & me in someone else's living room (we lived together for a few years in the later 1980s)
Jamie Rose & me at her birthday party c. 1988
me & Eve Brandstein c. 1988
Helena Kallianiotes & me at her club, Helena's, c. 1989
Linda Kerridge & me at Helena's c. 1989
me & Sidney Walsh c. 1989
Mimi Lieber & me c. 1989
me & Katy Sagal c. 1990
Lynn Manning & me c. 1990
Rhonda Talbot & me at my 50th birthday party in Santa Monica (the painting is by my daughter Caitlin) 1992
Sharon Stone & me at my 50th birthday party (though I seem to be wearing a different shirt!) 1992

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