Sunday, July 30, 2017


"A Better Deal"?!
This is the best slogan for the policies the Democrats plan to work for as their political program going forward?
How many times have I written and spoken about the lameness of the Democratic Party's word folks?
Still riffing on FDR's "New Deal" as if the majority of voters were alive in the 1930s or wish they were?
Would the Republican Party's word masters use "Better" or "Best"?
How many seconds did it take to answer that?
Yeah, let's use the weakest language we can find, or better yet the most nuanced and subtle and layered and in need of footnotes or sounding like a political echo chamber to go forward into the next election we can concede the tough and clear language to the opposition?
And the policies?
Or keep the slogans simple and easy to explain like "Medicare For All"?

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