Wednesday, September 27, 2017


If you're looking for a brief escape from the news, one of my guilty pleasures is KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE.  It helps if you saw 2014's KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, but even if you didn't, there's enough action movie tropes to keep you entertained, if you like that sort of thing. And I do when done very well, a la the BOURNE trilogy, or done so over-the-top campy it's hysterical, a la KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE.

Sometimes I like Julianne Moore's acting and sometimes it grates on me, but in this flick, she may have created the most deliciously comic villain in the history of these kinds of spy/acton flicks. And I won't even mention the unexpectedly brilliant more-than-a-cameo performance by Elton John, playing himself. Those two performances were worth the price of the ticket for me.

The first KINGSMAN film was set mostly in England and filled with a great British cast, some of whom return for this sequel, like the main leads Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. But the USA plays a bigger role in this one, hence the presence of a great "American" cast as well, including the underutilized Halle Berry, the always entertaining Channing Tatum, and the unfortunately wasted contribution from Jeff Bridges.

If you're up for a little spy movie action in spectacular settings, or on CGI enhanced studio sets, with a lot of comic relief thrown in, you could do worse. [Oh and PS: the plot and subplot speak with surprising clarity to the current drug "epidemic" and its historic/political origins and manipulation, even if in a comic-book fantasy parable way]

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