Thursday, October 12, 2017


me as "counterman John"—in the first L.A. production of Landford Wilson's BALM IN GILEAD—in white shirt dark hair at the top right, standing next to the late Jesse Aragon, and the rest of the cast who keep in touch to this day, L.A. 1983
another shot of THE BALM IN GILEAD cast with me, this time, at lower right, I can't name everyone (blame it on the brain op) but among the cast are Dennis Christopher, Eddie Velez (we were later in a TV series called BERRENGERS together), Vida Vierra, Jesse Aragon (r.i.p.), Rhonda Aldrich, Ty Granderson Jones, Cyril O'Reilly, Lorrie Marlow, Peter Frechette, et. al. L.A. 1983
a Lally clan reunion with me obscured behind someone and impossible to make out anyway among those who were able to show up for this one down the Jersey shore at cousin Kathi Lally Gross's. in I believe 1984
 a bunch of us who took part in POETRY IN MOTION (called that because we moved locations so often), the poetry series I founded with Eve Brandstein (dark hair in top row) around 1986 or so, top row left to right Anne Beatts, Hubert Selby Jr., me, Jack Grapes, Eve, the late Lotus Winestock, Joel Lipmam, bottom row, Tommy Swerdlow, Katy Sagal, Yvonne de la Vega, Michael O'Keefe, Robert Downey  Jr., Michael Harris, Michael des Barres, long-haired woman behind him a French actress whose name I can't remember, Miriam?, and the shorter haired woman next to him, also French, the director Caroline Ducroq?, Cafe Largo, L.A. c. 1990?
same as previous but in living color!
me dancing with my then love Crystal, and Hubert Sleby Jr. (with pony tai!) dancing with my niece Lisa Koch at a wedding in Malibu in 1995

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