Sunday, January 7, 2018


Missed the first half hour, but the next two and a half hours was pretty inspiring, lots of powerful speeches and comments about it being time for women to have parity in pay and opportunity and recognition and calling for an end to sexual harassment and abuse across the board in every situation and occupation.

The highlight being Oprah's acceptance speech (she won The Cecile B. DeMille award) that got a standing ovation and a series of stand-up-again ovations and brought tears to the eyes of many of the "stars" in the audience, and I'm sure to many viewers at home, certainly mine.

And Frances McDormand has got to be the coolest and most unpretentious award winner ever with her blunt manner and acceptance speech, and same for Barbra Streisand's little speech before she gave the award for best movie, first pointing out that they announced her as the only woman director to win a Golden Globe and that was in 1984!

And, as others pointed out, LADY BIRD won for best actress in a comedy or musical for Saoirse Ronan, and it won for best comedy or musical movie, but even so the creator of the movie, writer/director/producer Greta Gerwig wasn't even nominated for best director! Time's up indeed.

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