Monday, February 19, 2018


I first saw this ten minute movie when it first was shown in theaters. I was four when it came to our town in 1946 right after "the war" as we called World War Two, and my big sisters had to take me to the movies with them every Sunday afternoon while our father napped on his only day off. (I saw  a much crisper, like-new version of it on TCM the other day and was brought back to that early memory.)

Sinatra was our own Jersey boy, from nearby Hoboken, and was already influencing my sense of myself and my style (check out his jacket and his youthful good looks and confidence) and I suspect influenced my way of seeing the world with this little film, though I remember already being baffled by the obvious hypocrisies of the world I knew.

It has some flaws (the "Japs" were still seen as enemies though the main target is "Nazis"), but the underlying message still applies, even more so in these days. Check it out (to skip the set-up scene and song and get to the point of the flick start at 2:46):

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