Saturday, May 5, 2018


If you don' know who Bobbie Louise Hawkins is, find out. In my world she is an iconic figure, one of my favorite writers since the first story I read of hers. And the last. Someone I read regularly. Here's the book to get if you want to see why she's so great: Selected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins.
And here's a short piece from it that displays her skills, her insight into people, and her incredible control of narration and character, it's called: "It's A Phony"

It's a phony surface but who's to know the difference. Not enough time. All that flash.
     Hey, it's as good as real. Like living a life.
     "Who said that?" drawing back and centring. Let's show a little muscle here.
     "You saying this ain't my life?"
     Naw, I never said that.
     "I know what's real. I feel it."
     Yeah, we all do.

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