Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I got a little self-righteous and over sensitive in my comments defending my post yesterday, and just wanted to admit that and clarify what I was trying to articulate. I listened to Michelle Wolf''s White House Correspondents Dinner comedy set in real time and admired her bravery and her scoring of sometimes funny but always lucid points against those contributing to the dismantling of our democratic institutions (free press, independent judiciary, congress checking the executive branch, etc.).

But as she was saying, and I was slightly mishearing, her comments on Sarah Huckabee Sanders I predicted in my mind that this, whether misheard or not, would overshadow—and therefore distract from—all the great political points she was making, because it would be seen as an attack on Sanders' looks. And when I heard and saw the clarification that cleared up what she had obviously intended to be a very clever and even poetic zinger, it was already happening.

To some it seemed like I was joining the hypocrites who were attacking Wolf, but I was just trying to comment on what I've seen as a tactical misstep by those, like me, who want to see end to the policies and political rule of the right in this country. I obviously didn't do that in a way that everyone could comprehend.  

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