Saturday, March 24, 2007


Just a quick quote from Peter Singer, author of CORPORATE WARRIORS, a compelling book about the outsourcing of U. S. military to firms like Blackwater, (in last week’s TIME):

“An owner of a circus faces more regulation and inspection than a private military company.”

For “company” substitute “army” and you’ve get where we’ve come since W. took over. From a “citizen’s army” to a “Private” one. No accountability, for anything, from “war crimes” to the disappeared billions of our tax dollars. Thanks junior.

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Another Lally said...

Blackwater and other similar companies were founded and became popular in the 90's for use in places such as West Africa, Yugoslavia and Haiti. Blackwater existed in various guises previous to 1997, but merged its operations to become what we know as Blackwater in 1997.

They are the direct result of the military cutbacks and outsourcing of the 1990's.

Why do you blame Bush for their use and existence? Or is it that you were simply not made aware of their existence until Howard Dean's "I Hate Bush and Republicans" campaign began.

I'm just curious.