Saturday, March 31, 2007


Another wake up in the middle of the night, this time during a sleepover of my little boy’s and two of his friends, some noise from one of them woke me and to get back to sleep I gave myself what I knew would be a very difficult task, to come up with an alphabetical list of favorite poems. Some were easy, because I’ve used them before in these lists I obsess over. Like the first two:

“Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio” by James Wright
“Bread & Fish” Mark Terrill (the title prose poem in one of my all time favorite books)
“Counting Small-Boned Bodies” Robert Bly
“Danse Russe” William Carlos Williams
“Excuses” Terence Winch
“Fragment” John Ashbery
“G-9“ Tim Dlugos
“House of Morgan” Ray DiPalma
“I Remember” Joe Brainard’s book-length serial poem
“Jiffy Kimona” Kenward Elmslie
“Kaddish” Allen Ginsberg (my favorite poem of his)
“Linen” James Schuyler (one of his small in-the-moment poems I love so much)
“March 18, 2003” Michael Lally (if I do say so myself)
“New Personal Poem” Ted Berrigan
“Obsidian Point” Ken McCullough (the title poem(s) in “a triptych” book-length poem(s)
“Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed!)” Frank O’Hara
“Queen–Anne’s-Lace” William Carlos Williams
“Rag/Time” Robert Slater
“St. Roach” Muriel Rukeyser
“There is a cruel, messianic, dim, tribal intransigence” (first line of an untitled Simon Pettet poem and my recent favorite of his)
“Up” Blaise Cendrars (Ron Padgett’s translation)
“Variations on a Theme by Suburu” Jerome Sala
“Waiting” Ed Cox
“Xes” Michael McClure
“Yes or No” Elaine Equi
Z (I know there’s gotta be a poem I dig that starts with Z but I couldn’t think of any last night)

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