Monday, May 21, 2007


Okay, I have no idea what my last post was about.

I obviously just obsessively make lists, and always have.

Most poets I know do. Read Whitman!

But so do a lot of people.

One of them, Maureen Barry, sent me an e-mail and then a few follow up ones, of her own list-response to some of my latest.

So I thought I’d post it as an example of someone else’s taste (though surprisingly it coincides with mine in many categories, which is maybe generational, though she is younger than me by a few years, or maybe it’s generational and ethnic, as I assume she has similar Irish roots, or maybe it’s just truly coincidental, whatever that has ever really meant).

So here’s Maureen’s list:

“Michael: Thanks for saying you watched Felicity. I watched every episode in reruns. I loved it! (Also loved NYC)

I think Jacqueline Bissett is a beautiful woman and I think Sean Connery as an older man is really fantastic, although he did nothing for me in his earlier years. I also like Sam Shepard and Peter Coyote.

I think Paris Hilton is the most over-rated person in the USA, I can't stand Brittany Spears singing voice, although I like Christiana A's.

I love Rescue Me...and The Riches, with Minnie Driver, is also GREAT!

Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra are my favorite male singers, Sarah Vaughn my favorite female.

Eastern Sounds by Y. Lateef is my favorite jazz album. I love Kind of Blue, also,

I love the soundtrack of Cabaret with Natasha Richardson.

I love the Chieftains album the Long Black Veil and their Christmas album, the Bells of Dublin is my favorite Christmas album.

I do like David Letterman.

...I enjoy the lists you make. Take my mind of more serious things…

Anything by Leon Uris, especially Trinity.

Mystery Writer: John le Carre

Any book by or about Anne Frank.

Favorite Movies: Shindler's List, The Pianist, Take the Money and Run, The Godfather, Darling, Radio Days, Gangs of New York, The Grapes of Wrath, Stalag 17, Call Northside 777, Rear Window, A World Apart (the one with Barbara Hersey, about South Africa.)

Favorite Children's Book: All-of-a-Kind-Family by Sydney Taylor and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, Nancy Drew Mysteries

Favorite Rock Group: Rolling Stones

In the last five years, I have decided I was finally, once and for all, going to figure out how the Nazis came to power and I have read many books about Hitler and Germany. Too many to list now. And, in the end, I still don't quite understand it, really.

I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. This after much reading also, after Oliver Stone's movie came out. But when I finally saw what a direct hit it was from the Texas Book Depository,(this on the History Channel), I was convinced.

Anyway, now you have me making lists...”

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