Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Don't know if you noticed, but it looks like we finally are getting back to those fabulous '50s the conservatives are always longing for, before all that nasty '60s stuff ruined everything (like segregation, gender inequality, another endless war, etc. etc.).

Anyway, the statistic is that the percentage of vacant houses in the USA is the highest since they began tracking that statistic in 1957. Woopee.


JIm said...

When strolling through history, it is good to remember that Lyndon Johnson would not have gotten the civil rights bill without the Republicans. Democtat stawarts like Bobby (KKK) Byrd opposed it.

Lally said...

Yes, there has been a rightwing to both parties throughout the history of each of them, and your point is well taken, but, the inevitable but, many of the Democratic conservatives evolved into more progressive and forward thinking folks, like Robert Byrd, who you refer to, who gave the best speech in the congress warning against the invasion of Iraq.

JIm said...

A repeat of one of my sager commentaries.

Raising taxes both social security and capital gains, is almost always a bad idea. In a time of recession it is lunacy. Have you noticed that since the Democrats won the 2006 election, that consumer confidence has plunged, opinion of right direction wrong direction for the economy has gone negative, housing, the US dollar crash(40% of the oil price rise is in the US dollar) the stock market has had problems. Confidence in the congress is at historic lows. Could it be that a threat of the largest tax increase in US history is having a dampening effect? Could it be that corporation bashing, is not productive, since 100,000,000 + Americans are stock holders. I dare say that Actors Equity probably owns stock in oil and drug companies. The US corporate tax rate is 35%. That is 10% higher than Japan and Old Europe.