Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Another great speech by Obama. So far he’s given more great speeches, since the first one most of us noticed at the last Democratic nominating convention four years ago, than any president or presidential candidate since JFK, who he was reminding me a lot of tonight.

I got teary eyed, as he obviously was at the end of his speech, just at the historic enormity of it all, and the gratitude that I have lived long enough to see an African-American become the candidate (presumptive at this point, I know) of one of the two major parties.

It certainly is a moment to be proud of. I hope that Hilary supporters, or most of them (because I know some never will) can appreciate this as much as I and a lot of Obama supporters would have appreciated it if she had won and been the first female presidential candidate of one of the two major parties.

But here’s a thought. If the Republicans continue to try and cast Obama as some sort of elitist, supported only by “Volvo driving latte drinking liberals,” what do they have to say about the second big news story of today: GM closing four plants because sales of big gas guzzling pickup trucks and SUV’s have fallen almost 25%.

Because actually, it’s Prius driving, maybe latte drinking or maybe not, “liberals” who are some of Obama’s main supporters, and it seems we were right. I chose a Prius several years ago, because they’re comfortable, as well as to reduce my carbon footprint and get great gas mileage.

I’d say that makes me prescient, or smart if you like. Certainly smarter than the monster SUV and truck owners who are trying to turn their cars in for something that gets better mileage only to find out the prices they’re being offered won’t even pay off the rest of what they owe the bank, because even used SUVs and truck sales are way off and almost impossible to sell these days.

It’s a fact that Obama garnered votes throughout this primary from across the spectrum of voters, including pickup driving white males without college educations, Hispanics, women, including older white ones, and so on. But it is also a fact, that a large part of his support comes from young people and those so-called older better educated liberals who choose smart cars over big cars and reducing dependence on oil as the smart way to go for our future if we want our progeny to have any.

Obama’s speech reflected all that and more tonight and it moved me, as do his pledges to run a different kind of campaign, and his success so far in pretty much doing that. And the skill he’s shown as a leader in choosing campaign managers that he hasn’t had to fire, as have Hilary and McCain, and who have gotten him this far, a skinny black guy from Chicago with a funny name. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

Lal--A skinny black guy with a funny name from the south side of Chicago a candidate for President...that's almost as good as a skinny Irish guy from South Orange, New Jersey, as a candidate for Sheriff of Johnson County, Iowa.
Bob B.

harryn said...

i know it's off the point and probably old news, but i saw a documentary on whyy [philly station] last night that was bone chillin' - called "bush's war" - a compilation of deceit and mismanagement leading up to the war in iraq ...
with this info being available now, how can mccain - or anyone - rally behind this atrocity, and why isn't anyone being held accountable in a world court for crimes against humanity - can anyone shed some light ...

JIm said...

Barack, the Hamas candidate, is a very articulate speaker, as long as he has a teleprompter. McCain is not, but he does well in townhall style meetings. Obama could well win the election if he is able to concentrate attention on hope and change and not on his record or lack there of.

He stands for increased socialism, increased taxes, increased government control of every day life, limitations on free speech (fairness doctrine), infanticide of aborted full term babies who survive the abortion, weak national security,submission of the US to international courts and taxation, direct presidential negotiation (without pre-conditions) with dictators like Chavez, Ahmadinajhad, Castro etc., immediate and unconditional surrender and withdrawal from Iraq. And leftist say "What's not to love".

The Democrats say that voting for McCain will give us a Bush third term. Voting for Obama will give us the weak national security and the financial malaize of a Jimma Carter second term, without the sweater and killer attack rabbits. Acutually, with his energy policy, he will probably need the sweater.

I wish I could say that McCain's energy policy, was intelligent and made economic sense, but then that is part of the 30% or so of McCain, that needs improvement.

JIm said...

Further thoughts on Obama-Race

There has been much talk of race as an obstacle to Obama’s election. I believe his long associations with people of questionable character, loyalty, America blamers, Israel and Jewish haters and religious leaders with obvious racist hatred, will weigh heavily on his presidential bid. These race and character problems are specific to Obama and would not be in play if the black candidate was someone like J.C. Watts, Colin Powell, or Condi Rice.

Lally said...

Paul, McCain is trying to distance himself from the handling of the war, while at the same time insisting some kind of traditional "victory" is possible in Iraq that depends on our military's extended occupation. Part of the problems may well be that the lobbyists on McCain's campaign and among his contributors and supporters often represent corporations that are making unbelievable profits on the war and contracts for various projects in Iraq, including doing a lot of the work of the government there as well as projects that never get done but are paid for anyway. The reason these things and other war crimes of a much worse kind, have not been prosecuted in a world court or here at home is because up until recently the Republicans have held all the keys to power here and our government has held way too much power in the world bodies that could make a world court trial get some support and actually happen. But if the Democrats can take back control of the Senate along with the House this time, as well as the presidency, then I'm sure there will be investigations that lead to more than just exposure but also to criminal charges. Though the Supreme Court and most of the federal judiciary is now dominated by Republican appointed judges, so whether any criminal cases could be won against anyone other than underlings and assistants and hit men (Scooter Libby etc.) is problematic as it always has been. As to the world court bringing Bush and Cheney and Rumsfield up on charges, the argument for that would have to include bringing the leaders of way too many other nations up on charges too, including China and Burma and Zimbabwe and Nigeria and Russia and even more problematic onces like Israel and Saudi Arabia, et. al. It's a lot easier in terms of a relatively united will, to go after Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations and whoever esle our government designates as "terrorists," usually dependant on politics. "Easier" in the sense of labeling and backing, not in eliminating, obviously.

harryn said...

thank you - i'm still a bit surprised with all the testimonies given within the documentary that it hasn't led to congressional investigations with consequence ... it was only ten years ago they were trying to discredit clinton's legacy with impeachment for what i see as far less dispicable behaviors ... and whenever i don't see equitable response i begin to wonder about complicity ...

Another Lally said...

I enjoyed that wonderful USA hating rant, but let me address the post.

I mentioned that Obama is a pimp a while back. He has a good line that he tosses that can win hearts and influence people, even in ways that may not be beneficial to them.

He speaks of Hope, and then I am reminded that Hope was one of the things released from Pandora's Box. Hope without planning and works is futile. This is what Obama offers.

He speaks, and even men are seduced by his spell. He says nothing of substance, yet men and women alike are swooning. No plans except re-hashed programs suggested by others. No understanding of world affairs as noted by his Mr Rogers approach to dealing with leaders and nations that hate us.

As any good pimp, he is able to Change the subject when cornered, though not as swiftly or elequently as a good pimp. After his circle of friends and confidants are shown to be America haters, he claims that he never really knew them. From one side of his mouth, he praises a man as his inspiration to enter public life, and from the other he throws that man over the cliff when that man calls him a 'say what they want to hear politician'.

No pimp likes to be exposed as a pimp while he is trying to suck a new recruit to his stable. He dashed the now sinister preacher for making it clear that Obama's words are nothing but empty promises of wonderful things. (You know I love you, Baby. Get out there and make some money for Daddy.)

As with the usual call for Change from the Democrats, Change is what we usually have left when we cash our pay checks after their tax increases take effect. Worse still, we are not even eligible for the programs that our tax monies are paying for.

I believe McCain changed parties without an announcement. He is running along with the Al Gore's 'Cap and Trade' carbon policy. Is he also buying up companies with low carbon footprints that will be given large carbon credits to sell? Al Gore is buying as many as he can as he waits for the RHINO McCain to push this program through.

The largest question in this election is "Who will fight to preserve the national economy and the US dollar's prominence in the world?" The answer is neither Obama nor McCain.

This is crucial as the World Bank and IMF are trying to change the basic currency in the world from the dollar to the Euro. This is the revenge of the European Bankers who run the world. You may not believe this but you disbelieve at your peril.

God help this nation in the next four years.

Anonymous said...

It used to be the standard argument of the American fascists that we are all victims of an International Jewish Conspiracy. Now "Another Lally" claims that "European Bankers...run the world." This may well be news to Ben Bernanke. And surely the Decider-In-Chief would chortle at the notion that anyone other than himself is in charge, under the tutelage, of course, of Darth Cheney.
Bob Berner

Lally said...

Okay, "another lally" whoever you are, any more of this racist "pimp" business and I'll have to start deleting your comments. Why you persist in leaving such mindless rightwing rants on a blog that obviously has nothing to do with your point of view is difficult to understand. You're not going to convert anyone, even if your arguments made any sense, which they don't, obviously, since the organizations you mention that are supposedly bent on making the Euro supreme are mostly run by and influenced by the uber capitalists of your rightwing brethren. I suspect you are ranting out of the frustration that your rightwing ilk got their chance to run our government and thereby a lot of the rest of the world, and what they did with that opportunity was set this country back decades and come veryt close to destroying what makes it uniquely great. And by the way, Obama has more specific plans with details you obviously can't comprehend than Reagan or Bush junior had when they were running for president, and I'd like to see you call me a hater of my country sometime to my face brother. How many years did you spend in the service of your country?

Another Lally said...

What do you think is racist? Being a pimp?

Wasn't the founder of the three great religions pimping his wife, as his sister, in Egypt?

I never mentioned race.

If you percieve of the anarchist method of tearing down the foundations of this nations in order to build one based on socialism, then I would have to question your logic in saying that you love a country built on slavery, genocide, race baiting and capitalism.

Real life is cruel and confusing to the minds of the peace crowd. The only peace is through strength, not appeasement. (The tiger is the quietest animal in the forest because it has no predators.)

Sadly, we are being attacked by those who know how to play our national economic game better than we do.

Loving this country is also confusing with our methods and history. What makes this country great is that the predator has a chance to feed. When sheep run short, we invite more in. At present, their are wolves among the sheep.

JIm said...

Barack is trying to prove to Jewish voters that he will be tough on Iran. Next, he will be denouncing Jimma Carter and singing "Bomb, Bomb Iran". Amazing how a Chicago politician can evolve in only two weeks.

"Obama's Evolving Position on Iran
Hawkish Stand More Like the Bush Administration's Position"
June 4, 2008

Caitlin said...

I finally watched the speech yesterday on Youtube and yep, weepy sappy me, days later! Crying, cheering, at a computer monitor! What a speech! What potential this country could reclaim! What hope! But do I dare? It's hard to believe it's possible and to hope because the machine is so gummed up and everyone, both sides, seems unwilling to take responsibility, so wait around for someone else to "fix" it. Here comes the person to do it so who's gonna stop him, and when and how. Hate to be so cynical but fear it's the result of the past 8 plus years. Hope! Yes! Dare I? If not me then who, if not now then when? Sigh. What a moment in history regardless.

Another Lally said...

Sadly the speech rings hollow.

To truly correct the majority of ills that affect this country we need a return to the basics.

In order to return to the basics, we as a nation must take back responsibility at the state and local level that were bribed or seduced away in the Welfare Society Program of LBJ.

At that time, the Welfare Society was a great idea to create a circumstance under which the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts could not be overturned by the Supreme Court as was the Civil Rights Act of 1875. Any state or local government hopping on the federal gravy train were now required to meet the standards of the act.

It has brought us here where state and local government inefficiency is overlooked and blamed on the Federal Government. Jimmy Carter made this point but did not dare to make changes that would weaken the policies that were bringing about change under the act. Carter saw that he was powerless to effect change and became a shell of a president. His policy that created Al Queada to combat the Russian invasion of Afghanistan has blown back on us in the present day.

Obama may have a clue, but he does make it apparent that he is aware of the solution to again make this country a proud and strong nation once again.

Globalization is killing us as a nation and it seems Obama and McCain are not seeing it.

An anti-globalization nationalist candidate will take the nation by storm, and this can only happen in our system that will not allow another Hitler.

Another Lally said...

Should have read

Obama may have a clue, but he does not make it apparent that he is aware of the solution to again make this country a proud and strong nation once again.

JIm said...

Obama the amateur!!

"A day after sparking outrage among Palestinians when he told a Jewish group that Jerusalem must remain the "undivided" capital of Israel, Obama told CNN that the issue is still up to the two sides. "

This guy is so not ready for prime time.