Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A disgrace to all the U.S. is supposed to stand for in this disturbing story in this morning's NY Times.


Hikermedic said...

Truly frightening! I'm glad you have time to keep us aware of these things. The one draw back of working in the field is not having time to read the paper as often or watch the news. that I think about it that's not such a drawback after all:)

Another Lally said...

Give me a break.

If this is torture then I was tortured by the nuns in grammar school.

Should the prisoners in Gitmo have air conditioning and cable TV? Maybe a selection of entrees at each meal?

Oh, the horror of making someone stand in the corner, subjecting them to sore legs and sensory deprivation.

The prisoners at Andersonville or Governours Island sufferred far more and were not considered to have been tortured.

Is it now 'torture' not to supply extra blankets and pillows when requested by prisoners of war?