Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thanks to Gene Harris for hipping me to this quote, which supports something I've always felt and believed to be true (even just in terms of science it's true in the sense that our molecules continue to exist, including those elements that make up our atmopshere, etc.):

"What we are told as children is that people, when they walk on the land, they leave their breath wherever they go. So wherever we walk, that particular spot on earth never forgets us, and when we go back to those places, we know that the people who had lived there are in some way still there, and that we can actually partake of their breath and of their spirit. —Rina Swentzall, Santa Clara Pueblo

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Anonymous said...

Dear M:

Rina (it's Swentzell, I think) was one of the Native contributors to the first book I worked on at the Natl Museum of the American Indian: All Roads Are Good. But I don't remember the quote, so it must be from another source.