Saturday, September 27, 2008


There's no question that Obama appeared more youthful, was more specific in his answers for the most part and held his own on a topic that McCain is supposed to be the expert on.

So ultimately, McCain didn't do any damage, and the result was that Obama looked like his equal on foreign policy, only younger, more self-possessed and reasonable, and more forward looking.

So I'd score it for Obama. (And the instant polls last night did too, though the polls today, I'm sure will be varied and skewed in some cases.)


Unknown said...

I was pulling for Obama, so my take on it is slanted. However, I was impressed with McCain's performance. I didn't agree with him, but it was refreshing to hear two presidential candidates speaking intelligently about the issues. The debate also highlighted how diametrically opposed in world view and in policy the two candidates are. This election won't come down to "Who would you rather drink a beer with" or "Who looks more French".

JIm said...

McCain won the debate but has lost in the polls. I think the very unpopular bailout is sticking to him.

Anonymous said...

After a half an hour I thought that my head was going to explode. Obama allowed McCain to hit him over the head repeatedly over the earmarks, the earmarks , the earmarks.
Couldn't he have reminded the folk that earmarks buy fire trucks, build schools, research cures for disease. etc.
If we weren't throwing our money away in wars, funding Hallburtin, and refunding speculators, maybe we'd have money for programs that benefit 'The People'.

Tom King said...

I thought it was telling that McCain said he would freeze spending on everything but defense and veterans' benefits. It shows his priorities (even though he was not been a great advocate of veterans' benefits!)